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Beginning last year, individual volunteers have often gathered to discuss how Japanese own culture should proudly be shared with the world, and planning its presentation should comprise “the columns” of a new national strategy.  However, despite the fact that communication to those overseas is insufficient as there are few professionals in the field of overseas public information, there are many foreign fans of Japanese culture ironically.  Accordingly, our volunteers are planning to establish the Japan Promotion Association to introduce Japanese culture overseas in order to capture even more foreign fans of Japan.  The Japanese government and local administrations have tried many strategies already, but we determined that there is now an opportunity for nongovernmental enterprises to provide market expansion.  Although there is concern upon getting started, as it will not be perfect without sufficient preparation, we made up our mind to test the waters in order to realize a big dream.  Fortunately, many experienced volunteer seniors have joined our group and we received more applications than we expected.  This year, our urgent needs include infrastructure improvement within the association and securing talented people, thus we are seeking the funds and human resources from those who agree with our mission.  Please join us as we strive toward the advancement of Japanese culture.


General incorporated association: Japan Promotion Association

Representative: Ichiji Shiohata


About JPA
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[Business contents]

Original database compilation of experts (Japanese as well as foreign) in Japanese culture 

Under consideration by/for web site preparation, and information distribution through SNS (Social Network Service) to overseas (English, French, and Chinese, etc.), especially rural culture information distribution to overseas

Conducting expert regular seminar and lectures, and the operation and management thereof 

Outsourcing and consulting service for the project and management of Japanese culture oversea exhibition

Preference survey and analysis report of Japanese culture consumption in foreign countries

Outsourcing and consulting service regarding new product development that can be used/assimilated by foreigners

Introduction of and consulting service for specialty “made in Japan” products

Promotion, outsourcing and consulting service of Japan Inbound Sightseeing

[Members] in random order:

Advisors: Akira Hasegawa (Artist), Masamichi Abe (Chairman of International Bokuga Association)

Representative: Ichiji Shiohata (Work history: worked for Dentsu Inc. for 35 years, president of a video research company, president of ACM)

Directors: Yoko Ishikawa (Supervisor), Koji Iwasaki (Executive Secretary), Hironobu Shiosawa (Sales Representative), Masami Takahashi (Tourist Industry), Kenji Takaoka (Web), Toru Takahashi (Events), Neil Van Wouw (International Affairs), Ko Nakajima (cartoon, anime), Bokudo Mizoguchi (Cultural Affairs)




Calligraphic Works and Paintings


Shinto Shrine




一般社団法人 日本文化海外普及協会は、設立趣旨に賛同する方の参加とご協力をお待ちしています。